Who was the real Mary Magdalene? From the temple to the tomb, the enigmatic woman appears throughout the Gospels, never very far from Christ’s shadow. Speculation runs rampant about her true identity. Was this mysterious disciple just a harlot or, as some suggest, the secret wife of Jesus? Seven times Mary appears at the feet of Jesus. Is there a veiled message, a deeper meaning that the world has somehow overlooked? From the first page of this touching account, author Doug Batchelor plows straight through the controversy to reveal the profound and historical truth about Mary Magdalene. With a tapestry of vivid illustrations, the author unveils a fresh picture of a loving Savior who, without condemning the past, offers every soul a new future. This captivating journey will show you how to completely surrender to the Savior’s will and what it can do for all those lost in sorrow and despair.