Rene Descartes, a famous Jesuit philosopher came up with the famous phrase “I think, therefore I am.” This implies that we define our own morality, we invent our own truth, and we created ourselves. This theology shifts the power from God, to men. However, this popular belief contradicts Gospel truth. Pastor Walter Veith shows us shocking proof that men are now lessening God’s divine power, and raising ourselves up to His level.

This video is a study into the differing Christian philosophies regarding how some, especially in the Catholic sphere, believe our reason is informed by faith, instead of our faith being informed by reason. Veith shows us how our faith is formed, grown, and nurtured through our reason, and how through careful study we can see how He cannot be overthrown by man. Men in this age believe that we are made stronger and better through our reason and thinking, making us all powerful. Just because we think, does not mean that we are. True power and strength does not come from us. Watch this final video to see the truth: I think, therefore He is.


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