Real Hope for Real People

Choose life!  That's the message of these short audio programs.  If you are facing uncertainty, if you find yourself "stressed out" about the future, or if you are just not feeling as focused as you'd like to be, you'll find this series of short recordings to be very helpful.  In short, easy-to-use segments, this program can help you refocus on the things that give your life focus, energy, and hope.  Our hope for you is for happiness-for healthy, enjoyable relationships with your loved ones, for satisfying work, and for a sense of real joy in being alive.  You can use this program by playing, thinking about, and practicing each lesson, one each day. Or, you may want to listen to them all at once.  Either way, we want you to find a solid inner peace.  The author of the ancient Hebrew text "Deuteronomy" wrote: "I call heaven and earth to witness...  that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Choose life!  So that you and yours may live."

We are offering this CD FREE to anyone that would like it.   But if you like the CD and wish to give it out to your friends and/or family then feel free to come back and contact us for more!  Just let us know how they are blessing you and your friends.

The Real Hope for Real People CD
contains the following chapters.
1. Introduction
2. How we Get Stressed
3. Learning to Relax
4. Practicing Acceptance
5. Thinking Rational Thoughts
6. Goal Planning
7. Using Time Thoughtfully
8. Disarming Yourself
9. Balance in Your Life
10. Lifestyle Makes a Difference
11. Friends and Supporters
12. Summary - Joy and Spirit
13. What Christians Believe



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