One item, per household, per month.


We have a line of  CD's that have spiritual messages of hope and salvation.   We have a wide range of topics to choose from.


This is our most popular ministry that we offer.   We have several evangelistic series and other special "Christ Teaching"  DVD's on hand.  We can also supply tapes to people that would like to hold an in-home evangelistic series.  With online ordering, it is easy to get access to them.



Books for Biblical Education
We have books on several different subjects of the Bible.   Anything from general questions and answers to death and the time of the end.
Need Help with Stress?

We now have a free CD on how to deal with stress.   If you find yourself "stressed out" about the future, or if you are just not feeling as focused as you'd like to be, you'll find this series of short recordings to be very helpful.

About Us
  Engageingod Ministry is to help bring people to Christ.  

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