Ten Commandments Twice Removed

A backlash of attention to the Ten Commandments unleashed by recent U.S. court rulings rallied Christians in defense of its public display. Amid the crescendo of concern, a lone voice vies for attention, "If you love Me, keep My commandments" (Jn 14:15).

Is our defense of the Ten Commandments triggered simply by a sentimental interest of Christian culture? Is it possible the Church stands before God as guilty as out government for discarding the Decalogue?

With unflinching conviction, the authors join their voices with great Christian leaders like Billy Graham, D. L. Moody, John Wesley, and Charles Spurgeon, to trumpet the truth God never revoked His Ten Commandments!

This book answers critical questions with compelling clarity and Bible evidence. Did the Ten Commandments exist before Mt. Sinai? Were they nailed to the cross? How do we de-mystify Paul's writings about the Law? Does man have authority to change God's Law?

Ten Commandments Twice Removed 

contains the following chapters

1. Twice Removed
2. To Keep or Not to Keep?
3. Two Laws, Two Covenants Part 1
4. Two Laws, Two Covenants Part 2
5. Before Mt. Sinai After the Resurrection
6. The Lord's Day
7. Made For Man
8. It's No Secret?
9. Celebrating Our Sanctification

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