Amazing Bible Facts Revealed!


Much of the world, and even many Christians, have been confused by a series of myths that have managed to take firm root in churches around the world...and pass as legitimate Bible teachings. Some of these phony fables are fairly harmless, but others present "doctrines of devils" that can be devastating to one's faith, concept of God, and eternal destiny (I Timothy 4:1). 

The purpose of this magazine is to finally let the Bible speak for itself--to defend the faith it was designed to convey.

In the process, you will see truth rub away the rust and tarnish of popular but dangerous traditions--allowing the true beauty of God's Book to shine with its natural, glorious splendor.

Utilizing an easy-to-understand question-and-answer format and sprinkled with amazing facts, this unique resource will boldly peel away the layers of confusion, revealing the Bible's beautiful hidden truth.


Amazing Bible Facts
contains the following chapters.
1. Can the Bible Be Trusted?
2. Did a Loving God Make a Devil?
3. How Does Jesus Save?
4. How Will the World End?
5. Deadly Distortions!
6. The Forgotten Law
7. Heavenly Health

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