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The following is a list of books that we have available.   We have the ability at this time to provide the books free of charge and even free shipping.  We only ask that you order the book that you feel you are really interested in.   Only one book per household please.

Book Subject / Title  
Steps To Christ
Hidden Dangers in Harry Potter
the darkness of twilight Hidden Perils Behind Today's Vampire Craze   
Passion of  the Ages  Christ Is (Risen)  Movie
EXODUS The Great Deliverance    The real story behind the movie   
The Secret Rapture What does God say???  Are You Going to Be "Left Behind"?
Witches, Horoscopes and Communicating with the Dead in God's Plan
Which Church is the True Church?   
The Bible Sabbath, Which Day?
Are You Saved? Salvation is FREE!
Creation or Evolution? Is Darwin Correct?       
What the Bible Says About Jesus' Return, is He coming SOON?  
Is there a Hell? How Long Will it Burn? Does God Love Sinners Forever?
Mary Magdalene  What the Da Vinci Code Won't Tell You!   
The Mark of the Beast
Bible Questions Answered  
 Messengers of Light/Voices of Victory Proclaiming Freedom 
Praying For Rain              NEW
The Marked Bible A True Story
You Can Quit Tobacco In 5 days
Outrageous Grace (Finding a Forever Friendship with God)
Whispers of HIS Love! God's Remedy for Sin!    
Ten Commandments Twice Removed!      Hello! What's up with that! (Featured Book) 
The Power of His Passion  Christ Is (Risen)  Movie
A Love Stronger Than Death Are the Dead Really Dead?  Movie "Is Heaven for Real"
Remember?    Must Read
We Have This Hope / Christ's Second Coming / Secret Rapture  
Revived By Gods Word                    NEW
Prophets, A God Given Gift! For Our Time?
Signs of Hope    
The Law of Liberty, Enduring Principles of Freedom  Must Read
America, Superpower of Prophecy? Discover the Future 2000 and Beyond
The World Out of Control How Will it End.....                  
The Clock of Time It's Later Than You Think
What the Bible says about Prophecy, and What the Future Holds 
Amazing Bible  Facts Revealed  (Featured Magazine)
After the Storm What Comes Next?      
The Great Hope      A revealing look at the battle between good and evil--and who wins           
 Confidence in Chaos        
 NOAH Another Storm Is Coming      What The Bible Says     
 The Problem of Human Suffering Comforting answers to a difficult question 
Who Causes Suffering? A Thought Provoking Look at an Age Old Question
Remember Lot's Wife!!! 
What's Your Bible IQ?   
Living in the SUNlight Walking in the Storm  
The Big FIVE Questions About Life            NEW!!!!
The Television Time Bomb
 First Aid Parenting                     NEW!!!!!!!      Calling All Parents
The Other Side of Grief                   NEW!!!!!
A Monument In Time             NEW!!!!!
Story Of Hope   A Glimpse Into a Time When Suffering Will Be No More  NEW!!!!
 The Dynamics of Domestic Violence           NEW!!!!    
Prayer Makes a Difference  dynamic principles of Intercession that will revitalize your prayer life   NEW!!!!
 The Great Controversy 500 Anniversary Edition of the Great Protestant Reformation           
Spiritual Vigilantes  The Truth Behind the Attempted Destruction of God's Law            NEW!!!!!!!
Branch and the Vine               NEW!!!!
The Mind of Christ          
Sharing Your Faith A Mini-Handbook for Prayerful, Bible-Based Witnessing             NEW!!!!!
His Robe of Mine?         NEW!!!!
 Radiant Living       Simple steps to Health and Happines        NEW!!!!!
The Biblical Lord's Day and its Purpose
The Rest of You Life Everything You Need to Know About the Sabbath



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